Online interactive learning resource

One of the main outputs of this project is our online interactive resource: ‘Exploring the First Electrical Houses’.

The resource – including its associated downloadable resources for teachers – provides a cross-curricular learning experience for KS2 school pupils (age 7-11).  It incorporates content linked to the science, history, art & design, and design & technology areas of the National Curriculum.

The interactive can be used in the classroom or as an independent learning assignment, and has been optimised for use with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers, on desktops and tablets.

Please see below for screenshots, and take a look through our blog for more on how we developed the resource.

The home screen: users explore three houses – Cragside, Standen and Lotherton Hall. Completing each house unlocks the next.
Each house has a floorplan, from which four rooms can be explored.
In each room users are asked a question about an electrical artefact or system.
Each house has a guide character, who answers these questions in short videos.
After the user has moved through all three houses, there is a short multiple choice quiz to test understanding.