Exploring the First Electrical Houses

This interactive has been developed as part of ‘Electrifying the Country House’,
a University of Leeds project run in collaboration with the National Trust and Leeds City Council, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The project was led by historian of science Professor Graeme Gooday and art historian Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, and was based on their research. Dr Michael Kay was the project researcher responsible for the delivery of this interactive resource and other project outputs. The interactive was designed and built by Corey Benson from Creative Arthur.

The ‘Electrifying the Country House’ project ran between May 2015 and July 2016. To learn more about our work, events, and resources please visit the project website: www.electrifyingthecountryhouse.org

Please also visit our partner houses:

Cragside, Rothbury, Northumberland
Standen, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Lotherton Hall, Aberford, West Yorkshire

The interactive is optimised for use with Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Guide character credits

Mr. Grey the butler – Ben Eccles
Mrs. Beale – Charlotte Bourne
Bertha the maid – Megan Rutter

Photograph and video credits

All photo and video content was shot for this project by the University of Leeds Digital Learning Team (Cragside) or by Leeds Media Services (Standen and Lotherton Hall), and remains ©University of Leeds, except for:


- Front page, house image: ©National Trust Images/Rupert Truman
- Mr. Grey introduction video, background image: ©National Trust Images/Simon Fraser
- Mr. Grey conclusion video, background image: ©National Trust Images/Rupert Truman
- Library, cloisonné vase image: ©National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel


- Front page, house image: ©National Trust Images/Rupert Truman
- Mrs. Beale introduction and conclusion videos, background image: ©National Trust Images/John Miller

Lotherton Hall

- Front page, house image: ©Leeds City Council

Special thanks to:

Tim Banks
Mark Robinson
Andrew Sawyer
Katherine Foggon
Ben Dale
Dionne Matthews Spence
Adam Toole
Zoe Crompton
Jen Kaines
George Rodosthenous
Tony Gardner
Steve White
Mark Smith
Vicky Whittingham
Luke Wrankmore
Year 4 and 6 at Addingham Primary School
Year 4 at Springbank Primary School
Rebecca Dixon-Watmough
Alina Cohen
Eleanor Spanjar
Choo Chean Laban
Dani Martin
Chris Waugh